Performance Partners

Find products to market on Taboola and optimize your campaigns towards a profitable turnaround.



Performance Partners

AdCombo is an innovative CPA network that provides the best payout rates with high conversion offers and localized landing pages. AdCombo operates on the international markets and helps more than 70.000 affiliates grow their business and increase profit. It has more than 5,000 offers with direct advertisers for some of them. Among others, AdCombo has such verticals as sweepstakes, mobile, bizop and dating as well. 

Most popular verticals: Health/Beauty/Diet/Adult/Crypto/ Gambling/Ecommerce

Top features:

  • Exclusive offers. AdCombo owns the majority of them, you will not even find such offers in any other network;
  • Unique low-competitive GEOs: Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Arabian countries and more!
  • Best payout rates, high conversion rates, and localized landing pages.


Performance Partners

Affise is a performance marketing platform for managing partner relations, automating the  campaign management cycle, while running big data analysis,  helping you reach qualitydata driven decisions.

Affise helps advertisers, affiliate networks and agencies to manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.

Taboola users are eligible for a 30 days free trial with full support as well as 10% discount for 2 months to operate on the Affise platform.